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Doncaster Library

We were invited by Doncaster Council to submit a tender to rebrand and refresh the public perception of the borough's public libraries


To re-brand and relaunch Doncaster Council’s 25 libraries consisting of the town's Central Library, 12 staffed libraries and a further 12 community volunteer run libraries. The new brand was required to attract the next generation of users whilst taking care not to alienate the existing. It needed to be 'on trend' and forward thinking in order to 'shake-off' the drab stereotypical image.


We decided to retain the existing colour scheme to help bridge the gap between old and new. Many services and key resourses on offer at the libraries were assigned colours and icons giving them their own micro-identity and a modern, contemporary feel whilst retaining their relationship to the overall brand. The project was long and protracted due to council budgets being re-evaluated but the end result was satisfying and very well received.


A new brand identity and logo to help promote library facilities in the Doncaster Borough with legs to take it into the future. The brand was applied to: External and internal signage, website, pull-up banners, railing banners, library cards, poster templates, folder/wallets.

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