Design and artwork for magazines and newsletters

Whilst it might seem like a daunting task, creating magazines and newsletters is very much a part of our forte at Wigwam Creative.

The process of creating a magazine or newsletter begins by creating a design template in which we'll establish everything from layout, masthead (the design of the magazine title), typography, page folio position, font sizes and colour palette. Once that has been approved the real work can then start.

Whilst the magazine has been 'designed', creating the pages is a design discipline in its own right. It is recommended that we establish a timetable, working backwards from the printer's required deadline in order to hit the publication date. Normally we request that all articles are supplied as text documents in Microsoft Word with any accompanying photographs supplied at the highest possible resolution as separate files, as opposed to being embedded in the Word document itself. Photographs which have a resolution of less than 300 dots per inch at 100%, such as those copied from the internet, will not be very sharp when printed because they have been optimised for screen use at 72 dots per inch. But fear not, help is at hand. We subscribe to a number of image libraries therefore, in instances where appropriate imagery can't be supplied, they can be sourced. Of course we can also hit the road with our own cameras or set-up bespoke shoots if required.

Magazine proofs will be provided throughout the production process for checking then, when everyone is happy and the final proof 'signed-off', a high resolution PDF will be made to send to the printers or to pass on to your own chosen printer if preferred.

In some cases clients choose to distribute a magazine PDF via their website for readers to download or view as a page-flip in addition to, or instead of, having it printed. If printing is not the chosen output, the design process will remain the same, although we can sometimes use images with a resolution of less than 300 dots per inch.

Whether you're just starting out in business and need a new company logo, website and brochure, or if you need to refresh your existing marketing material, we can help you. Call today on 01937 557585, or ping us an email on, and let's get started.