Two local entrepreneurs developed a fun, new, throw and catch game and asked us to package it for them - as seen on Dragons Den


The client did not wish Funslinger to be seen as just another beach game, suggesting that it could have a sporty or competitive side for more mature players as well as a tongue-in-cheek element of street cred to attract the younger ones.


We chose colours to complement the product itself with a series of 'swooshes' to suggest movement. 'Sporty' silhouetted figures were added to hint that this could well be healthy as well as fun. The product itself was developed alongside the packaging, we therefore visualised the whole package in Photoshop before anything had actually been printed.


In many ways the packaging defined the product and gave it the perfect identity. We created additional packaging for associated products, teeshirts, leaflets and banners. Funslinger continues to make steady gains in a saturated market place. We were enormously proud to see it on sale at the Science Museum.

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