Packaging brief
Packaging artwork and design.

We were asked to create packaging for an imported unisex abs toning belt

Packaging design and concept work


This client has an established style for their entry-level range of imported fitness products and simply provides us with the technical data, barcode number and cutting guide. Once complete the artwork is sent to China for printing and assembly and returns with the product and associated user instructions and labels in place so there is no margin for error.


This particular product is a high street uni-sex item and, as such, quite difficult to market without having dedicated packaging for each. We decided that one side of the carton should be aimed at men and the opposite face for women, this way the client could cover both markets for half the price because they could be placed on store shelves in either section with the relevant side facing the customer.


The packaging was straightforward. We positioned all the component parts a safe distance from the folds and cuts and in an order that was intuitive. We artifically 'bronzed' the bodies on each of the hand-picked royalty free images in order to make them look as though they were from the same photographic session, this also complemented the dark backgound. Product photography, cut-out and retouching was kept in-house. We made physical pack mock-ups in order to check the cutting guides and make sure all the orientation and bleed was correct.

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